Architects are professionals in the building industry. A professional meets the highest standards within any specific industry. When you hire a professional you have chosen to seek specialized knowledge based on intensive academic preparation combined with technical and ethical standards.

Architects put the interests of their client, and of the public, above their own.

However, even where it is not required by law, you will want to consult a professional, an architect, to help ensure that your building project is as successful as possible.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Architect?

When you hire an architect, you are assured that he or she:

  • has met the qualifications for license, including the established standards for education, experience and examination
  • continues to develop skill and proficiency
  • abides by high standards of professional ethics and conduct
  • is accountable, and has professional liability insurance

Architects Bring Value to Your Project

Whatever your project – whether you are building a new home, institution, commercial or industrial development or planning some renovations or an addition – your architect will bring value to your project by taking care of your interests and creating a quality building.

Hiring an architect means peace of mind for you. The route to a completed building project is complex and challenging. There are many decisions to be made along the way which will have a major impact on how your project functions and looks. Your architect can see you through the process, not only easing the way by helping you avoid wrong turns, but leading you to creative and innovative solutions.

The result you want is a successful project; one that fulfills your dreams, meets practical and functional requirements and contributes to the quality of our culture and environment. Such projects are the result of a positive and constructive working relationship between informed clients and skilled architects.

This article initially appeared on the Ontario Association of Architects Website.