Production Architect

Company Description: Revuelta Architecture International is an architecture firm with specialties in medium to large Condominium, Hotel, Commercial, and Corporate Office projects. We are seeking a Production Architect II who is proficient in Autocad and/or Archicad.

Requirements: Must have Good/Positive, Professional attitude. Must have 5-10 years of experience in drafting medium to large condominium and hotels.

Job Description: Production Architect II will obtain and assemble data to complete architectural designs.  They draw rough and detailed scale plans for foundations, buildings and structures, based on preliminary concepts, sketches, engineering calculations, specification sheets and other data.
They Lay out and plan interior room arrangements for the project, using computer-assisted drafting (CAD) equipment and software.

Ensure builder compliance with design specifications and advising on design corrections, under architect’s supervision.
Check dimensions of materials to be used and assign numbers to lists of materials.

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