Intern at Coral Gables Architectural Firm

WHAA is a full-service architectural firm located in downtown Coral Gables seeking at least two (2) interns for the 2020 semester who are currently or recently engaged in post-secondary education, a career track of architecture, design or construction. Hiring based on part-time status is assumed and our in-office work hours/ days are flexible. AXP hours are granted under Setting (A).

Proficiency in 2d Autodesk AutoCAD required; including the use of lines, hatches, circles, ellipses, trim, extend, mirror and match properties commands, object order, blocks, hatches, object and angle snaps, use of xrefs and importation of pdf importation. Daily tasks generally consist of “mark-ups” allowing the intern to be directly involved with the creation of construction documents, documentation during site visits, client meetings. Interns will be supervised by principal architect and project manager.

Proficiency in Revit and Lumion helpful, but not required.

Our office workload consists of 30-45 projects at a time, Residential New Construction, Additions or Renovations, Retail Build-outs, Restaurants, Corporate Design, Historic Preservation of Miami Modern Architecture (MiMo) or Traditional Mediterranean throughout Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables and South Florida.
Site & Project Planning. Unusual or Complex Permitting situations, Certifications requiring Special Research or Presentation.


Persons who are currently or recently engaged in post-secondary education, a career track of architecture, design or construction. Interns are typically selected based on educational work, portfolio, enthusiasm for the subject and recommendation by your school professor(s). Interns typically engage internship at WHAA in the specific areas of industry that interests them. The main purpose of this engagement is to give Interns direct access to an office setting, and exposure to actual projects. Interns can also be given assignment(s) by Associates, Consultants of WHAA, the office Controller or the Principal. For this reason, WHAA compensates Interns at a competitive rate based on performance. AXP hours are encouraged and granted for this position under Setting (A). At the completion of service, Interns customarily receive a certificate of service, and three (3) letters of recommendation.

Draftspersons, Renderers, Model-makers:

Persons who are sought for specific skill or expertise, and typically assigned on a per-project-basis. These persons can come from a wide-range of experience and/or background, are typically in the field of construction, design or education. These consultants typically determine their own pay or compensated on a per-project basis.

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