Gurri Matute PA won an Outstanding Achievement Award in Historic Landscapes for their work in Greynolds Park in Miami Dade County. Congratulations!

Outstanding Achievement: Greynolds Park
Gurri Matute PA | Miami

This project, with a wide-ranging scope of work completed over the course of a decade, has successfully recreated this significant historic landscape at Greynolds Park, a Miami Dade Parks Heritage Park. The 265-acre park on the banks of the Oleta River was designed by William Lyman Phillips and constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps between 1936 and 1939. In earlier days, Tequesta Indians used this land and the river for transportation. It later became a Seminole Indian trading post and then a rock quarry. The park was named for A.O. Greynolds, owner of the local quarry. It is one of the last well-protected natural areas of northern Miami-Dade County. An archaeological site and a designated archaeological zone are located within the 4 park. At 46 feet above sea level, the park’s Outlook Mound and Tower remains the highest publicly accessible landform in South Florida offering views of the surrounding lagoons and pine forests. Congratulations!

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