Deputy Chief Resilience Officer

This is highly responsible professional level work directing the day-to-day operations and efforts
of the Resilience Office for the City of Miami. The Deputy Chief Resilience Officer (DCRO) will
report directly to the Chief Resilience Officer, or designee, and will work across all City
departments while collaborating with external stakeholders and governmental entities. The DCRO will assist in implementing and coordinating efforts to achieve the vision, goals,
objectives set out in the Resilient305 and Miami Forever Climate Ready strategies. The DCRO will
be responsible for advancing resilience and sustainability goals through policies, procedures,
guidelines, partnerships, education and training. Duties and responsibilities include ensuring new
policies and programs are data driven, informed by impacted stakeholders, and properly
institutionalized through procedures, guidelines and training. This role will involve coordinating
with internal departments, an advisory board, and public/private agencies to execute plans
through partnerships, collaboration, and outreach.
The DCRO is a senior level role which is critical to ensure that resilience is a cornerstone
of coordinating a cohesive strategy and program planning across all City of Miami departments.
The DCRO requires demonstrated expertise and experience in the planning and implementation of
strategy, policy and programs across City of Miami government, community and
private sectors with success in long-term project management, collaboration, stakeholder
management and community engagement.
An employee in this class is responsible for objectively addressing the greatest threats to the
City of Miami’s resilience and subsequently harnessing the resiliency expertise and resources
across City agencies, other jurisdictions, and the community. The DCRO must engage diverse
leaders from within and external to City government and bring them to act, perhaps in spite of
proprietary agendas, to address the most pressing threats to City of Miami. The incumbent
exercises an extensive degree of independent judgment and professional and managerial
knowledge to ensure the overall success and timely delivery of strategic initiatives. General
direction is received from the Chief Resilience Officer through consultations, oral or written
directives, and review of periodic initiative status reports.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following: managing a resilience strategy;
overseeing the preparation and implementation of effective high-priority resilience initiatives to
address urban, regional, sustainability, transportation, and economic resiliency challenges faced
by the City and its residents; identifying risks, understanding the financial impact of those risks,
and mitigating such with existing policy or the creation of such; fostering relationships and
collaboration with other departments, partner municipalities, civic groups, community
foundations, senior government staff, elected officials, local businesses, and residents with a
goal of improving communication, training and educating stakeholders, promoting synergy,
eliminating duplicative work or processes, and ensuring active and inclusive input; tracking and
recording specific, measurable targets for the impact of the work; implementing outcome-based
best practices, research, and evaluation tools; providing data, innovative ideas, and strategic
direction to achieve administration’s goals as an integral participant in the collective bargaining
process; and performing related work as required.

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