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Building Construction Illustrated, Sixth Edition
The #1 visual guide to building construction principles, updated with the latest materials, methods, and systems.
For over four decades, Building Construction Illustrated has been the leading visual guide to the principles of building construction. Filled with rich illustrations and in-depth content by renowned author Francis D.K. Ching, it offers students and practicing professionals the information needed to understand concepts in residential and commercial construction, architecture, and structural engineering.

Building Codes Illustrated: A Guide to Understanding the 2015 International Building Code, 5th Edition
A bestselling complement to the International Building Code, or IBC. Designed to give you an insider’s look at the origins of the IBC, how it can be interpreted, and how it applies to design and construction, this updated text offers new information regarding hazmat occupancies, hospitals, and nursing homes, major changes to how building heights and areas are presented, as well as means of egress, and the latest information on building materials, interior environments, and structural provisions.

Building Construction: Principles, Materials, and Systems (What’s New in Trades & Technology), 3rd Edition
Promoting comprehensive understanding in general and complex concepts in construction.
Exceptionally well-received and one of the most acclaimed university-level books on construction, Building Construction, Principles, Materials and Systems is a comprehensive and fully illustrated introduction to construction methods and materials. It’s informed by a core philosophy that sufficient grounding in the principles and science of construction is the best way to equip today’s designers and constructors to respond successfully to rapid changes in the built environment. By ensuring students are well-versed in the science and technology of materials and systems, the text aims to better prepare architects, engineers, and constructors to produce a resilient and sustainable built environment―a need that will grow with increasing urbanization across the globe.

The Architect’s Studio Companion: Rules of Thumb for Preliminary Design, 6th Edition
The time saving resource every architect needs.
The Architect’s Studio Companion is a robust, user friendly resource that keeps important information at your fingertips throughout the design process. It includes guidelines for the design of structure, environmental systems, parking, accessibility, and more. This new sixth edition has been fully updated with the latest model building codes for the U.S. and Canada, extensive new information on heating and cooling systems for buildings, and new structural systems, all in a form that facilitates rapid preliminary design. More than just a reference, this book is a true companion that no practicing architect or student should be without.

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This page is an archive of links to free (and inexpensive or discounted) ARE 5.0 study material and resources. All the links on this page will take you to free or discounted access for resources you can use to pass the ARE 5.0 exams. These include links to building codes, AIA contracts, free ARE 5.0 practice quizzes and more.

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